A need to edit.

A few years ago I almost became a lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan and I’m so glad that I didn’t.  The upheaval at the U of S is best viewed at a distance.  I don’t envy anyone who has to participate in TransformUs but I do agree that it is necessary.

Over time universities add programs and staff and administrators and courses and schools … you get the idea.  I have rarely heard of any of these being eliminated.  If the changing needs of students and society necessitate adding, it is logical that things must be subtracted.  The methods of TransformUs might be harsh but the goal is necessary to make the university viable into the future.


Did you read the StarPhoenix Op-ed from Dr. Ervin, a U of S anthropology professor?  The part that stuck with me was the idea that her student should be able to pursue an advanced degree in a field with bad employment prospects.  Why would anyone  borrow thousands of dollars to invest in anything with a low chance of payoff?


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