Correlation does not prove causation.

A tweet today from The Council of Ontario Universities claimed that “a university education remains the best protection against unemployment” citing statistics that less than 4% of university graduates (Bachelor’s and Master’s) in Canada are unemployed compared to almost 7% of people without university degrees.

This is faulty logic.  Although unemployment is correlated with educational status, a university degree is no guarantee that you won’t be unemployed.  Think of it this way: the intelligence and work ethic necessary to meet the requirements of a university degree are the same characteristics that make a person more likely to succeed at any job.  Having a university degree could just be a marker for “successful at work” regardless of whether that work requires a degree.

And what happens when more people have university degrees but the same number of jobs exist that require a degree?  Unemployment will increase because more people will be competing for each job.

Obviously, I’m not against university education.  I have three degrees.  However, I believe that we do a disservice to people by acting as if everyone should aspire to a degree and that a degree guarantees full employment.

Go to university if what you want to do requires a degree but realize that a degree is not a guarantee of success.


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