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What are the risk factors for motor vehicle deaths?

A recent video that I’ve seen reposted a number of times shows moviegoers reacting to a PSA about cell phones and driving.  It ends with a message including the claim that “mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel.”  I don’t know if that’s true in Hong Kong but it didn’t sound true for Canada.

cell + automobile video screen grab

I found an excellent source of data from the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit.  There’s no category for cell phone use but almost 30% of fatal collisions involved alcohol as a contributing factor and the same is true in Saskatchewan.  In fact, nationally almost 40% of drivers killed in accidents whose blood was tested had alcohol in their systems.

Percentage Of Fatally Injured Drivers Tested And Found To Have Been Drinking (BAC* >0 mg%) 1991–2010

alcohol and auto fatalities

As Kate at Small Dead Animals says, “when the call ends, the driver is sober.”  See her post for more evidence of the reduction in fatal accidents since cell phone use has expanded.

I still believe that no one should text while driving but banning all cell phone use is too much.