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Math is hard.

When my children were young, math was patterns.  This persists quite far into elementary school with increasing complexity.  At least one CBC reporter is still having difficulty with putting things in order of increasing value.

In an article about a report ranking cities according to how expensive it is for an expat to live there, the author notes that “Vancouver was the 96th most expensive city in which to live, up from 64 in 2013”.

In what world is dropping from a ranking of 64 to 96 considered to be moving “up”?

What’s interesting is that nowhere does the report or the article give any information about how much is actually costs to live in Vancouver for a year.  The information is all relative.  Vancouver may be ranked lower because the cost of living there fell or because the costs in other cities increase.  Unless you are trying to decide which of the ranked cities you should move to, the ranking is rather useless.

There are too many reporters trying to fill up too much space with something.